Mission / Vision / Value

Securely connection to the world

JingFong Industry Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s first lock nuts factory established in 1980. Over 40 years of experience in safety fasteners, we have been focused on the high-end automotive fastener market and committed to providing high-reliability products. Nowadays, JingFong mainly supplies products to European and American car manufacturers and plays a significant T1/T2 supplier in the supply chain.


Provide higher reliability products to make life more safety.

Explore fastening solutions with endless possibility, Pursue maximum customer satisfaction.


Higher Quality, Shorter Lead Time, Deeper Customer Trust.

1. To our customer, we deem quality assurance as our responsibility.

2. As a specialist, we pursue harmonized progression by our diligence.

3. Being a leader, we maintain everlasting advancement via our innovation.


Quality Commitment
Our dedication to quality is illustrated by motivation to obtain the certification from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).
We have already established our laboratory to meet the regulation of ISO 17025 and the rigorous requirement set by the A2LA. This membership will allow us to be capable of implementing all the tests required by the customers and Fastener Quality Act (FQA)
*our shared A2LA certified laboratory is now located in JINGFONG (Taiwan).

Problem-solving Abilities
Our outstanding research and development team utilize the state of the art CAD/CAM technologies with Finite Element Method (FEM) manufacturing process simulation, we do have the faith to solve problem that we might face and to make tremendous progress for the next century.
Due to our past prosperous development, we have become a major supplier of lock nuts in the world. As a member of the fastener society, we always compete for being the best to serve and market the whole earth village.

Trademark Guarantee
Although any kind of success is appreciated, it is most appreciated by us when it comes with an innovative product. We believe that kind of success gives us a platform on which we can develop a family of aggressive new products to serve our customers better.

Excellent Teamwork
Concurrent engineering has been used to design production processes and products in order to confirm the compatibility and cost-effectiveness. Together, representatives from marking, purchasing, quality assurance, field service, and production seek the solution of design for customer’s appeal, cost-effective materials, ease of production, good performance, durability, and reliability.

Process Improvement
Since we have created a culture that strives for continuous improvement, we always try our best to improve manufacturing process wherever is possible. After process being improved, we will also seek ways to automate them for further enhancement in cost and quality. The goal for us however, is not to seek only major breakthrough but to make progress little by little.
If necessary, we are also willing to spend money on maintenance and to invest in refurbishment or replacement to upgrade equipment and keep our processes in top working condition.